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C&P Media was founded in 2011 by two ambitious creatives - Joshua J. Santiago and Anthony Collier. Starting with music videos and commercials for local artists and businesses. They have grown into a full production company, offering film, photography, and sound production. With a focus on developing young creatives through production education and hands-on experiences.

Anything4U (2021)

Film Synopsis - From living the American Dream, to hitting Rock Bottom, Damon finds himself struggling with addiction. With help from his nephew Joe, who tries to steer him in the right direction, Damon battles his inner demons to get his life back. However, some illnesses are better at hiding in plain sight. (Starring Francisco Joseph IG: @thereelfrancisco) Co-Starring -Jason Evora (IG: jadaflipz_) / Ryan Rossum (IG: directed_by_ryan_rossum) / Candace Kearse (IG: candy.koated) / Anabella Lopez (IG: bella_veronica) / Nylei Maitland (IG: nyylei_) Written and Directed by Joshua J Santiago (IG: mrperfecto2u) Music and score by Anthony Collier (IG: tone3pow)

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anything 4 u. Mental health awareness. mental health. mental illness.

Washington Winnona Images was founded on the legacy of Winonna F. Smith born on a farm during the great depression era in Washington, Pennsylvania. A coal miner’s daughter who could vividly recall eating dandelions for dinner, Winnona would go on to lead a life as an entrepreneur, acclaimed massage therapist, modeling for Essence Magazine, mother-grandmother-great grandmother, and community activist. Washington Winnona Images seeks to follow in the legacy and vision for a safer and better world that Ms. Smith herself strove to achieve having lost her only son to gun violence in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986.

Wrestling With the Streets (2019)

Film Synopsis - Wrestling with the Streets is a half-hour documentary about Brad “The Icon” Walker, growing up in York Pennsylvania, and overcome obstacles in his life to live his dream as an entertainer and Pro-Wrestler. “B.J” as he’s known in the community has been a Pro-Wrestler for almost a decade through this we had learned his craft and taken his talents to the top even being featured on WWE television. Through this story, you’ll see the times and struggles BJ Walker went through in order to live his dreams and not settle for talking about anything less. Through this film, we follow the local wrestling career including interviews with family and friends to capture his story and what these men go through in the wrestling business. Covering Valor Pro Wrestling in York, Pennsylvania, and matches in Empire Pro Wrestling covering the highlights of BJ Walker's career to date.

Ophelia M. Chambliss

Ophelia M. Chambliss has been successfully working as a fine artist, for several years. In addition to a number of solo and group exhibitions, she has participated in distinguished juried shows throughout the country, and has a number of large scale, permanent art installations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Her signature painting style realistic cubism, and she paints in both oil and acrylic with a palette is rich in jewel toned colors, but each piece fits a theme or the subject matter.

Ophelia has a BA in Communication from Penn State University and combines her visual communication with verbal and written communication to tell the story behind her work. She has a MA in Communication(s) from Penn State University with an emphasis on critical media discourse analysis.